in prelaunch the BARTER NETWORK of INFINI
where gain very well also the FREE MEMBERS


partner Infini Barter Network


Did you know that in 2012, due to the global economic crisis, the commercial transactions in BARTER rose to 30% of the world economy?

and you know that 70% of companies listed on the American Stock Exchange in 2012 made use of BARTER?


The BARTER is an old way to out of the economic contemporary crisis.
You too can enter in this huge business!
You will receive all the help you need to get started.


Also the FREE MEMBERS of Infini Global Network can earn: 25 EURO for every company that adheres to Barter Circuit and more interesting commissions to Partners for commercial transactions.



The project:

Costs for companies, EARNINGS for MEMBERS, PARTNERS and COMPANIES:


To inform, educate yourself, share informations and enter into a POWERFUL TEAM, we have setup a SOCIAL NETWORK dedicated exclusively to the topic BARTER:


Please get out of the CRISIS the people and the companies that around you!


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