Infini Global Network


Infini Global Network is a concept that you can use
to get the welfare and comfort of your dreams
using the power of the combination of network-marketing and internet.


The registration as a MEMBER of INFINI community is FREE


special offers and discounts from our commercial partners

partecipation in contests with cash prizes, products or services

invite your friends to register on INFINI community on your personal link


At any time, as a MEMBER of the community you can become INFINI PARTNER with the investment of EUR 15 for the purchase lifetime of a space on Infini Global WebLink


Each month 3% of total income of company, arising from all activities are divided between those who have become partners depending on the number of shares of each


With two friends registered as INFINI PARTNER you become INFINI ACTIVE PARTNER

Additional Advantages:

Access to 11 economic classes with values ranging between 15 Euros and 10,000 Euros and with cyclic awards between 10 Euros and 30,000 Euros INSTANT payment

Bonus from the purchases made by members of your group of recommendations that are tranformed in shares and further contribute to the commissions


centers gain Infini Global Network

  1. - Hybrid sistem of marketing between online affiliate and multilevel network which include the profit from partecipation in the sales and awards for the recommendation.
  2. - LinkDirectory and advertising, makes efficient the online presence of business, provides a better positioning in search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  3. - Platform type "group sales", one of the most successful business of the moment.
  4. Infini Auctions
  5. Infini Telecom
  6. Infini Bon Voyage
  7. Infini Game
  8. Infini Consulting
  9. Infini 3 Clicks
  10. Infini Dating
  11. Infini Debit Cards

(In blue those already active, in red those in the process of activation, in black those in the program)


Register for free as a MEMBER of INFINI community

and invite your friends to do the same on your personal link

"Every journey begins with ... the first step." - Anonymous

Together, we create the success!


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