join FREE is the central star in our PI Galaxy.
Our members set up PI as their free homepage and they customize their homepage to fit their needs.
News, games, deals, bookmarks - it is you who decides what to be displayed on your personal homepage!


WAZZUB is the only free community that fully respects your privacy.
Your full name is displayed to your friends only and none of your activity is tracked or recorded.
Set up blogs and clubs, share your photos and videos, meet old friends and make new friends.
Soon you will be able to chat with your friends at Facebook and Gtalk without leaving our pages.


Dreaming of a spam-free email account?
Here it is!
At mailaxy, our free email service, we run a special software which is learning from your preferences.
When you classify an email containing a "viagra offer" as spam, the software will automatically block all other "viagra offer" emails, no matter who the sender is.
Put your doctor on your preferred senders list and his emails will always get through to you. Within a short time frame, mailaxy will know exactly which emails you want to receive.
Additionally, we are not reading your emails like the common email providers do.


Our Experts Online will give you advice when you need it most - immediately!
Imagine you need an expert's advice, NOW, no matter what time it is.
Imagine you would have an army of experts, waiting for you 24/7 to personally chat with you (even video chat is available) and to help you immediately on your topic.
Experts Online will be an exclusive community of experts such as Doctors, Lawyers, Consultants and more.


The common search engines are the biggest data-miners on the Internet.
If you don't want to feed their business with your private data, you should use the Safest Web Search.
Right now we are using the services of Ixquick, which is the world's most private search engine, but it is our goal to develop our own unique and global search engine with even more features.


NEWS NEWS will be the fastest news page on the Internet and you will be the editor-in-charge for your personal edition.
By selecting your favorite news sources, topics and categories, you will create your own personal newspaper that is automatically updated.
Thanks to our patent-pending navigation technology, just by moving your mouse (or finger) you will be able to browse more than 40 news articles in less than a minute.


DisquCity will be an amazing platform uniquely designed for users around the world to discuss their favorite topics;
i.e.: News, sports, politics, movies..., without censorship.
Share your thoughts with the world! Thanks to its brilliant design and functions, DisquCity will be the world's most attractive place for discussion.


"I Wanna Be Famous!" is the world's first interactive global talent contest on the Internet.
Contestants compete in 1,000's of 1-on-1 battles where the audience votes for the winners.
If you are a singer, songwriter, musician or have any other special talent, "I Wanna Be Famous!" is your place to be!
Or simply become a judge and vote on battles.

It is our plan to add a radio station and an MP3 Download Shop to our services to support the artists.
70% of download revenues will be passed to the artists, keeping them independent from major labels.
IWBF is free to participate for judges and artists.


"I Deal Smarter!" (IDS) is the only place on the Net where you find the hottest deals at up to 99% discount, including electronics, jewelry, computers, apparel, cell phones, home appliances and so much more.
IDS is not a "penny-auctions" page; at IDS you don't have to pay for bids.
When you see a desired item at a convenient price, simply hit the DEAL button and it is yours.
But you have to be careful: the prices change by the minute.
You will see, our secret patent-pending software makes online shopping FUN and EXCITING!


Friendz-R-Us will be the first global social community game where you can make real friends for life.
But it is not just a game; Friendz-R-Us is a demonstration of peace and harmony and a statement against war, violence and racism.
Come and play for free, have fun, make new friends and win valuable prizes.


EXCLUSIVELY for our members at EEBOOX.COM: Receive one FREE eBook every week plus find thousands of valuable eBooks at deep discounted prices.
Our extensive eLibrary contains tons of helpful eBooks on: Parenting, Health & Wellness, Money, Marketing, Partnerships, Cooking and so much more.


Punch the Price and the price goes down between 1-5% randomly each time you punch it.
You can save up to 99% on all products listed.
Punch the Price, but you have to be fast or you will be knocked out.
Have fun and save money!
"Punch the Price" is based on our patent-pending eCommerce software and rest assured that it does not cost a single penny to punch the prices.


To avoid boring and misleading ads on our pages we have created madvertising, our own advertising network.
Our unique Triple Target Technology (TTT) automatically delivers those ads that our members want to see.
Additionally, members who run a website can make some cash by displaying ads from our network.
To avoid boring and misleading ads on our pages we have created madvertising, our own advertising network.
Our unique Triple Target Technology (TTT) automatically delivers those ads that our members want to see.
Additionally, members who run a website can make some cash by displaying ads from our network.
join as an advertiser - join as a publisher - join as a reseller


join FREE

The age of the mobile Internet has just begun.
Imagine a business - global, free and unlimited.
5 Billion people on this planet own a mobile phone and 5 Billion people would love to earn money simply by using their phone.
The solution is simple - right now, while you are reading this text, a group of experts is developing the PERFECT APP!
Whenever a person, no matter where or when, is using this FREE app he/she will earn money.
Whenever a person, invited by you, is using the PERFECT APP you will earn money too.
You will cash in on 5 Generations deep with every usage of this useful feature.
The PERFECT APP will show you the latest news, the best local deals, the fanciest clubs, the nearest available taxi, the best voted restaurants,
the cheapest gas station and so much more, no matter where you are on this beautiful planet.
The PERFECT APP will be released Oct 1, 2013 and you are invited to be one of the first to pre-register.




Winning the LOTTO MADNESS is easy:
Register for FREE and click on "WE PLAY - YOU WIN" to register for the next draw in progress.
Once out of the extraction controls within 72 hours if our numbers are winners, and if you're one of the winners,
but do not forget to subscribe to the extraction following with just a click of the mouse.
LOTTO MADNESS is pure fun without risk!


At "Perfect Internet TV" (PITV) we will create a whole new experience while watching videos online.
Right now we have started with just 3 channels to inform our members about updates related to PI and to give them an additional way to watch our talents from "I Wanna Be Famous!".
Soon we will add more channels and it is our goal to make PITV a free platform for video artists from all around the world to showcase and monetize their artwork.





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