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the grids of Infini

A grid in Infini is obtained from any purchase made by one of different platforms.

A grid can be of 11 different economic classes: from 15 Euro to 10,000 Euro
see table

Upon completion of each grid (only 6 positions) are obtained cyclic awards between 10 Euro and 5,000 Euro, depending on the economic class and INSTANT payment,
with gift also a new position in the same economic class;
Every 4 grids completed of the same economy class,
additional premium from 15 Euro to 30,000 Euro,
with gift also a grid in the class immediately above.

on the completion of the entire cycle of a position:
total gain 92,000 Euro!
1,634 shares pro-rata to the subdivision, every month, of the 3% of total income of Infini.

The number of positions that you can get in Infini Global Network is unlimited:
the gain with the grids of Infini
is unlimited!



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