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with Infini Global Network

REGISTRATION: is free as a member.



BUSINESS: full integration between the traditional business, network marketing and internet.
In Infini we can find any product or service, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
Through the portal of Infini, made up of numerous internet sites, you have access to many and different types of independent businesses, all connected to a single network.
You can earn from any salable PRODUCT, food and not, or from any SERVICE, both online and traditional, PROFESSIONAL or CRAFT.


work from home

WORK: nothing more simple! nothing to sell, nothing to buy!
The activity is to contribute to enlarge the INFINI COMMUNITY, invited to register your personal link to create your own network, consisting of members, partners and active partners, direct and indirect with no depth limit.


earn money

EARNINGS: with Infini you have several sources of income.
The PRIZES and AWARDS in the GRIDS SYSTEM, with which you can earn without LIMIT and is dependent not only on your network but also on the team you belong;
monthly, with a share of the TURNOVER of the company and which comes from all the activities both online and traditional;
annually, with a share of the TOTAL PROFIT of INFINI GLOBAL NETWORK;
COMMISSIONS when your direct member adheres to a paid service;
BONUS by PURCHASES made by members of your group of recommendations.


Every journey begins with ..... the first step!

Together, we create the success