Infini Barter Network

Infini Barter Network

Infini Barter Network: the system

Infini Barter Network is a trading system in compensation that allows companies participating in the network to exchange their goods and services with those provided by other companies.

In Infini Barter Network there are no payments in cash to adjust the various processes of buying or selling.

In the system the compensation of debts and credits take place over time and multilaterally.

a company that buys a computer from a network provider can balance its debt by providing their goods to one or more clients of the network when they are required.


How it works

The exchanges in the internal of Barter Network occur as normal commercial transactions, where the price and other terms of sale are freely determined by the parties.

The total value of the transaction is not paid by the buyer with money, but is recorded in the system as a debt in goods to the buyer and as a merchandise credit for the seller.

These receivable and payables will then be compensated by one or more operations in the opposite direction with other members of the network.

The system keeps track of all the operations of debit and credit and updates the account balance of each company.


The benefits for the companies

Financial benefits
The companies participating in the network can purchase goods and services without incurring its monetary payment, due to the fact that the purchases are paid for giving goods and services of equal value to other companies.

Reduction of the purchase price
Not only the goods are purchased without payment of money, but its debt is balanced with the sale of goods at the market price,
thus gaining the entire difference between the market price and the cost of producing them.

Capturing market share
Since every purchase is paid by selling their products to other companies in the network, which are new customers and different than the usual ones. The company then may
acquire additional market share and enter into entirely new markets, otherwise accessible only after substantial commercial investments.


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