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madvertising allows advertisers to reach their audiences worldwide, and to target by regions.

Our Triple-Target-Technology TTT delivers ads exactly
as the customers ask
when customers ask, and
where customers ask

madvertising displays ads to visitors living directly in advertiser's target area(s).

madvertising connects large city audiences with products/services for sale in those cities.


Contextual and geo-targeted Ads

10 Standard Ad Formats and Special Sizes available

More traffic for your page rank

Exclusive placement inside PI Galaxy

The only banner broker you will ever need


How much does it cost?

As an Advertiser, YOU set the minimum and the maximum price.
Thus, you have complete control over the cost.
This makes madvertising affordable for ANY budget.
The value you get is much more than advertising - its madvertising.


How can I place ads with madvertising?

Simply register for free and create your campaign.
You pay, we approve, and your campaign is up and running in the right places and at the right times.
Target your market, with triple the opportunity.


join as an advertiser

your profits going crazy


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